Humanology is a new way of
approaching recruitment.

Humanology flips the recruitment experience on its head to match the right person to the job, faster.

Brought to you by the experienced team behind executive recruitment company Red Seed Productivity Strategists, Humanology is changing the face of recruitment.

You can learn how our unique focus on the science of people saves time and money by watching this video.

We use the same psychometric and behavioural testing often reserved for the top end of town. This tells us what else is needed beyond skills and experience to succeed in the role. And because we do this before the interview stage, we save you you time and pave the way for more relaxed interviews where everyone is more likely to shine.

Our clients agree – it’s a refreshing and welcome change.

So, whether you’re a people seeker or job seeker, we’re looking forward to helping you on the way to your next success story.

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